EpicMu S6Ep3 X10000 21. October MuOnline x10000 (MAX EXP) server grand opening 21. October

17.00 CET time (central europe)
23.00 Philippines
12.00 Argentina/ Basil

Custom features:
New wings, Custom jewels, Ingamge ranking, Offtrade, Offexp, Offstores for credits,
New rage system!

New Combo system for each class!

Season 6 Episode 3+ Hundreds of customs!

Server is without webshop, only ingame found items and items from Wcoin store:


Exp: 10000 (MAX EXP, reset in 5 minutes)
Reset: Stats Stays, 100 Res max, reset 1kk* Reset from 400lvl
Grand Reset: 100 Resets= 1500 Credits
PPL: 5/7/7

MuOnline Ingame commands:

Auto party: Autoparty, get all players in aprty arround you, type: /autoparty 400
OffExp - AFK system, get exp when your offline: /offafk
Reset: In lorencia type: /reset
Addstats: /addstr /addagi /addene /addvit /addcom
Jewels Bank - Place to save your jewels
Jewels Bank - Place to save your jewels 8 New Jewels
Rage system: Custom made skill system
Offtrade system with zen, credits, wcoins, hewels
OffExp - AFK system, get exp when your offline: /offafk
Bonnus for staying ingame:
1 Minutes= 1 Goblin Points
Reconnect system, if you lose internet connection you will be reconnected again

Wings 2.5 Level
Wings 4lvl
Wings 5lvl
Can be made in chaos machine

[Custom Client]
3D Camera
Ingame Clock
Separed chat
XP bar for monsters

Added special glow to all maps
Full HD Windows
SpeedBug Fix
Fixed all agility bugs
Menu Panel all new icons, offtrade, 3d, offexp and more

New jewels, all are 100% succes rate!
Jewel of excelent: Adds +1 Exc option to item (must be exc item)
Jewel of mistic: Level up rings & pendants
Jewel of luck: Addds + luck option to item
Jewel of skill: Adds skill option to item
Jewel of level: Levels up item
Jewel of evolution: Makes regular item excelent
Jewel of ancient: Makes regular item ancient!
Jewel of option: Adds option to item


Posted 24 / 10 / 2016

Currently this is only one server.